Off to the Revolution,..

It's the dawn of April 25th, 1974, when Marco, a 25-year old Italian and his Portuguese friend Victor
leave Paris on a yellow Citroen 2CV.
The destination of their trip is Lisbon, which on that night was freed from the longest dictatorship in Europe,
and they are both excited by the desire to witness a historic event. On the way, they stop to pick up Claire ,
Victor's former girlfriend and University classmate, who decides to leave with them to take a break from the
monotony of her everyday life, leaving behind her husband and son, to form again, even if for a few days,
a trio with her friends with whom she has shared unforgettable experiences. In the emblematic car, the
protagonists head south and cross first the Spanish and then the Portuguese borders after innumerable
difficulties. When they get to Lisbon, confronting the reality of the revolution helps them gradually turn
the page on their adolescence and face adulthood.